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Wildfires in Bolivia have devastated about , hectares of forests and pasture lands. In total, the fires have created a layer of smoke estimated to be 1. As the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon plays a crucial role in keeping our planet's carbon-dioxide levels in check. Plants and trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air in the process of photosynthesis.

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This is why the Amazon, which covers 2. Maxar Technologies.

But when trees burn, they release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, and that further fuels climate change. We're looking at untold destruction — not just of the Amazon but for our entire planet. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'.

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The grin looks fake, though, almost lecherous under the fluorescent light, so I drop it. Finally, Lindsey and I sit on the bed, waiting for Kat to make her finishing touches a dab of perfume between her breasts, the application of jewelry. Kat fingers an ear, a self-conscious gesture, which is strange for her. His contact with Kat is usually limited to those occasions when his presence is absolutely required for a show of family unity. I do recall him being in Ann Arbor for our college graduation four years ago, seeming ill at ease and slightly mortified to have found himself in such a provincial setting.

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Menopause, hidden insecurities, vaginal dryness — my Catholic mother who used to shield me from anything she considered unpleasant suddenly has no censor on her mouth. She gets up from the bed then, silently following Kat, and I trail behind, wondering what I missed this summer. Casey Evers is at a turning point in her life. Casey, Lindsey, and Kat had been like sisters for a decade and little more than passing strangers for the past two years. Things seem to improve once the girls get to Greece, but when a guy Lindsey is interested in turns his attention to Casey, their friendship faces yet another challenge.

NASA Satellites Confirm Amazon Rainforest Is Burning at a Record Rate

The backgrounds of Rome and Greece are vividly portrayed, as are the characters of Kat and Lindsey. This is a fast-paced, funny and sexy novel which is sure to garner first-time author Laura Caldwell a devoted following. The story captures the essence of a young woman searching for something significant in a sometimes superficial world. Through the twists, turns, and doubts that Casey faces during her amazing trip across Europe, Caldwell shows the readers that the well-beaten path is not always the one for you.

With beautiful, specific, and true-to-life descriptions of Rome and Greece, Caldwell allows the reader to feel that they are on the journey with Casey. Burning the Map is an excellent read for anyone who would like to escape to an exotic location and forget their troubles for a little while.

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Caldwell has found a way to give these ladies true voices. I felt as though I were eavesdropping on each conversation. The landscapes are described with such care that I felt as if I were truly on the beach in Ios, Greece. With all the island hopping, the story moves along at a good pace, deliberately stopping when a moment is too crucial to miss. Each character is well-rounded, lovable, and quite simply, real. For a first novel, Ms.


Caldwell has really captured the essence of friendship, and the personal pressures we all put on ourselves everyday. She has a mature voice for a new fiction writer, and I look forward to her future writing endeavors. I thoroughly recommend this purely entertaining look at friendship and love. I rest my head against his shoulder. The scooter starts to fly again, and Rome whizzes by — a myriad of fountains, marble statues, larger-than-life doors with gigantic handles, streets that look like alleys.

The rigidity that has settled in my bones and head over the past year seems to thaw a bit. Yet with the thaw comes an army of questions from some unused corner of my brain.

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What about John? Will you tell him about this little excursion, this man you are hugging? What happens when you get back, when you have to start work, when you can no longer escape the world? I lift my head and let the wind snarl my hair around my face, trying to forget these questions, the ones with rifles in hand that are waiting to fire holes in my flimsy curtain of contentment. Set against the backdrop of sparkling beaches and old-world villages, Burning the Map ignites the fire within us all, to shine in unexpected ways…. How is Casey changed by this trip?

The ongoing fires are the most active in Brazil since the year 2010.

What people, places or parts of their journey cause her to rethink different aspects of her life? Have you had any vacations that have changed your life? What does the novel say about friendships between women? Is the friendship of Casey, Kat and Sin typical in some ways, atypical in others? Is it natural for one friend in a group of women to occasionally feel like an outsider at times?

What do you think of Sin? What kind of person is she and why? Do you think she will be changed by their vacation? What do you think the future holds for Kat?