Searchlight: The Camp That Didnt Fail

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Naturally, this made it a natural target for the Legion.

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Vulpes Inculta devised a clever plan to remove the obstacle in Caesar's path. Rather than rely on martial might, he used subterfuge, using frumentarii to first intercept shipments meant for the Camp, depriving the troops of necessary supplies and stockpiling them for later use by the Legion. The opportunity came soon, as the patrol routes were changed again for operational security reasons. Vulpes sent in a small group of legionaries, ordering them to infiltrate the fire station and unseal the nuclear fuel casks.

As expected, this unleashed lethal levels of radiation on the Camp. The legionaries were killed instantly, while NCR troops were killed outright, turned into ghouls , or died soon after of radiation sickness.

A task force under centurion Aurelius of Phoenix landed at Cottonwood Cove , establishing a beachhead on the western side of the Colorado and immediately launching raids on both the surviving NCR troops and especially supply and trade caravans heading up to New Vegas. Further legionary groups moved up north and west as time went by, targeting Nelson and Nipton to lay the groundwork for the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

Searchlight surrounds Highway 95 on a north-south axis, and is in surprisingly good shape considering the devastation brought upon it by the Great War, two centuries of neglect, and the recent radioactivity release by the Legion , in a bit to loosen the NCR's hold on the south-eastern Mojave. The sole remaining NCR camp is located on the outskirts of the town to the north-east, staffed by what remains of the Searchlight garrison. Other signs of life are located in the basement of the ruined church in the western part of town, where Logan and a few other prospectors are busy preparing to loot the town on a contract from the Crimson Caravan.

The terrified Private Edwards is hiding in a Searchlight home near the church. The streets of the town and much of the surrounding environs are prowling with feral ghouls bearing NCR colors. They include regular ferals, glowing ones, and a few who managed to retain their motor skills who move and attack like normal humans, but only with combat knives, having lost the ability to operate firearms they do make excellent sources of medium armor for Jury Rigging. They are most common in the center and to the northeast, where the Camp's command was located at the former Searchlight police station and the trucks used to set up the base were parked.

The station is locked, with keys carried by Logan.

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Entering it will prompt a swift response from the radscorpion queen and several radscorpions that set up nest there. To the south is the Searchlight elementary school with another ruined church. The school is "attended" by several golden geckos , who enjoy the warmth of the town's radiation. Further out is the trailer park that served the inhabitants of the town. The NCR set up a network of defensive turrets to protect the perimeter, with terminals placed in cover nearby. The turrets are found near the police station, behind the fire station and ont he intersection just south of it, and under the Cottonwood Cove Road bridge passing over Highway Camp Searchlight appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Sign In. From The Vault - Fallout Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Fallout: New Vegas location. Searchlight top and the sole remaining NCR outpost bottom. Main article: Searchlight Sabotage.

UPDATE: Camp Fire victims sue PG&E over deadly California wildfire

First Sergeant Astor , leader of the remnants of the Republic's garrison. Private Kyle Edwards , sole sane soldier among the ghouls Logan , a scavenger contracted by the Crimson Caravan to salvage gear from the NCR encampment. F : "The local police department diverted several trucks from San Onofre carrying nuclear waste to Searchlight this morning. I didn't get all of the details but I heard something about bombs going off nearby and that the trucks were being diverted for safety reasons. Two of them were housed here at the Fire Station.

The third had to continue on to somewhere else because we didn't have enough room to accommodate them all. For some odd reason it was headed toward Cottonwood Cove. I don't know what he's planning on doing with it down there. I asked the Comm Officer if there were any problems with communications and he insisted that everything was fine.

I contacted our supply base and was simply told that all inventory requests were being filled and that every item on my request list had been shipped to the camp. Either I'm being lied to or someone is intercepting my shipments. I'll have to look into this matter further.

See a Problem?

I met a traveler on the road and asked him if he had seen any NCR supplies bound for Camp Searchlight. He told me he had seen some NCR crates being moved somewhere outside of Nipton but didn't know where they were being taken. He also mentioned that the men with the supplies didn't look like NCR soldiers. Next time I have enough time off I'll have to make my way to Nipton to see if anyone there knows where the supplies are.

I keep telling him that nothing is wrong with the comm system and that his numbers must be off. I don't think he believes me. The bastard will probably keep bugging me until I can either prove he's wrong or find someone else to blame. Damn it I hate this shit. Some of the troopers patrolling the border are getting sloppy. The only reason anyone noticed it was because several of the comm stations were acting oddly.

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  5. When the trooper on duty went outside to check the transmitter dishes he found the scorpion chewing on several of the cables. What's the point of having patrols if shit like this is going to keep happening? Play sound City of the Dead. Contents [ show ]. The book is on the floor at the foot of some metal shelves.

    A chill in the air | Albuquerque, New Mexico | Searchlight New Mexico

    Knock-Knock - Unique fire axe in right hand corner of the bathroom stall with the skeleton in it, upstairs in the Searchlight fire station Obtainable only after starting the quest Wheel of Fortune or killing Logan and taking the keys. Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the fire station. Upstairs in the north-east corner in the kitchen area, on a table next to two empty bottles. Seven fire helmets in the fire station - Five on the ground floor on the shelves, one upstairs in the Chief's office on a shelf, and one in the bathroom stall where Knock-Knock is found.

    Is our Senate leader in bed with America’s worst polluter?

    Legion orders - In the fire station , found on two recruit legionaries in the garage. Police hat - In the police station , in the room with the ammunition boxes and wooden boxes.

    Sawyer on Formspring. Fallout: New Vegas locations. Category : Camp Searchlight. Hidden category: Articles with verified bugs. Major Faction locations. Brotherhood of Steel. Caesar's Legion. Crimson Caravan. Followers of the Apocalypse. Great Khans. Powder Gangers. New California Republic. New Vegas sewers.